Monday, 16 June 2014

Feeling a little peachy ...

I've been busy creating lots of different cakes recently. One of these was a lady's bottom which was great fun to make.
I baked three 9" round sponges and then carved them into a peachy bottom shape. I have discovered that making two semicircles with my hands and joining the thumbs together makes a perfect template for a bottom - who'd have guessed!
Once the sponges were carved into shape, I buttercreamed the outside of the cake and added a little extra for good luck onto the top of each buttock. I then covered the whole thing in flesh coloured fondant and used my hands to smooth it all down. Not much cellulite on this one!

I then created a pair of black panties which I carefully placed over the bottom, embossed with a swirly embossing mat and added some stitch marks to the edges of the panties for extra realism. The lovely lady then had a tattoo added with the lucky birthday boy's initial and the finishing touch was some black lace around the cake board.
I'm glad to say that the birthday boy was very pleased with his cake!

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