Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I've finally gone and set up my own cake business ...

After years of people telling me that I should set up a cake business, the time is finally right and I have taken the plunge - woo hoo!

We live in a relatively long road which has a fantastic Facebook group and after mentioning the idea of setting up my own cake business, I got two orders straight away and I now have one to two cakes ordered for every week until the summer holidays and orders are beginning to come in for September.

I needed to come up with a name for my little cake business and I turned to Sophie for inspiration. After years of seeing me putting my Snowballs brand on the back of my greetings cards, she came up with branding for her own cards and draws a heart balloon with "Little Love" inside on the back of all her cards she makes for her friends. I loved it and so Little Love Cakes was born.

For the branding, I used an image of a cupcake that I painted onto an apron for Sophie's cupcake party last year (see here).
I am so excited about all the fun cakes I am going to get to make. Take a look at my Little Love Cakes Facebook page and watch out for the website which will be following soon. I am very happy to take order from September so e-mail me at if you would like a quote.

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