Friday, 27 June 2014

Let's get Minecrafting (cake) ...

I have had great fun making a couple of Minecraft cakes recently. Minecraft is a global phenomenon blocky freeform building game on the computer, Xbox and handheld devices.

The first cake was a Creeper face.

I baked a square cake and covered it in dark green fondant then created a mosaic of different coloured green squares for the Creeper face.
Creating the Creeper mouth involved folding some greaseproof paper into squares and marking the ones that needed to be cut out of black fondant. I found a Minecraft-esque font for the birthday boy's name and cut this out of grey fondant.
To finish the cake, I added some more green squares of fondant randomly around the sides of the cake...

The next cake included characters from the Minecraft game. The main character is called Steve. In addition, I included the iconic Creeper and, the birthday boy's favourite, a piggy.

I found some printable 3D paper characters (here) which, when made up, proved to be perfect proportions to copy for the cake. The characters were very detailed and took quite some time but were well worth the attention to detail. And no, I didn't get Steve's eyes wrong, he actually does look like that!

I made them ahead of the due date for the cake to allow them to harden and be able to stand on top of the cake and added some dried spaghetti to fix Steve's head to his body and to all the feet to help them stand on the top.

For fun I also added some detail to the inside of the cake. One aspect of the game is to go mining for ores and the ores can be found at diffent depths. So when the birthday boy cuts into the cake, he will find diamond, gold, redstone and iron ore. Lucky him ...
As with the Creeper face cake above, I also added the birthday boy's name in a Minecraft-esque font and attached it to the side of the cake.

I wonder what Minecraft cake I will get to do next ...

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