About me

My name is Nicola and I like being creative!

I have always been a little bit crafty: I was never very good at art - my drawings and painting have never really progressed beyond a ten year old's capability - but give me paper and glue and feathers and sequins and I can create!!

Obviously, when you "grow up" and start working full time (especially in London with the commute) being creative has to take a back seat but then eight years ago I stopped (paid) work and became a full-time mum. I decided when my daughter was sleeping that I needed to spend some time doing something that didn't take too long but gave me a sense of satisfaction (ironing and cleaning the house just don't count) so I started making cards.

My daughter's second birthday was my chance to have a go at making her birthday cake and I uncovered another creative string to my bow - working with fondant and creating pretty things that are edible! With the addition of a little boy to the family a few years later, I have been lucky enough to get to make pretty girly cakes and cool boy cakes.

I recently reached a point where all my crafty and cakey talents have come together and I have launched my own bespoke cake business Little Love Cakes. I am so excited about all the lovely cakes I am going to make for people, and I will get paid to do something I love ...

I started this blog as a way of keeping a note of the things that I had managed to create (rather than random scraps of paper kept "safe" in places I can no longer remember) and of the successes and failures encountered along the way.

I hope you enjoy it ...

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