Monday, 29 August 2011

Lavender wands

For some reason recently I remembered a craft I did a very long time ago when I was a Girl Guide leader,  making woven lavender pomanders (which I have since discovered are called wands). The lavender in my garden is past it's best although there are some new flowers coming, but I managed to find a handful of useable stems (somewhere in between about to bloom and gone to seed) and had a go at making some wands. They turned out quite well for a craft I last made about ten years ago.

I now need to work out what I can do with these. It would be nice to turn them into gifts for people, perhaps combining them with a pack of greetings cards I created some time ago with photos of lavender and bubbles.
Satisfying simple craft for a Bank Holiday Monday. Thinking I might take it up a level and have a go at making lavender baskets as these look so pretty ...
Lavender baskets from a post by Tongue in Cheek
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