Saturday, 26 April 2014

Afternoon tea anyone?

It was my niece's 20th birthday this month and I got to make her cake. She wanted a proper tea service for her present and an afternoon tea party celebration, so the cake of course had to follow the theme.
I had lots of fun making a miniature tea service out of fondant and once the pieces had dried, painting them with gold edging and little roses. I was really pleased with the finished cake and my niece loved it. 

I found a really helpful tutorial on how to make the tea set (take a look here) which I followed to make the tea pot and handles on the tea cups. I made the tea cups by rolling out the fondant reasonably thinly and cutting a circle and a rectangle and then forming the rectangle into a tube and fixing it to the circle before adding the handle. 
I filled each of the tea cups with some piping gel that I coloured brown which made it look like black tea/coffee. If I do a similar cake again, I would try to make the tea look milky and to fill the milk jug with "milk" - but that's something to figure out next time. I also filled the sugar bowl with real sugar on the day which worked well.
The finishing touches were a vase with roses in, a celebration cake for the middle of the table and some "jam" sandwiches on each of the plates.

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