Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Cupcake birthday party - the invitations

Sophie will be 7 in March and the  plan is for a cupcake decorating party. After the huge number of children that came to her party last year I made myself a promise that this year she would only be allowed to invite 9 children (plus her making a grand total of 10).

The theme this year is cupcakes - the plan being that they will decorate their own cupcakes (plus some other things that Sophie has requested). First step: the invitations ...

I searched far and wide for inspiration for the invitations and found some very cute 3D ones but they were only available in Australia, so I decided to make my own version.
I loved the idea of the awning covering the invitation text and decided to decoupage a few bits to add dimension to the rest of the invitation; you can't tell from the photos but the cupcake, teapot, hair flower, bunting and chalk board were all raised up with foam pads. The finishing touch was a piece of card folded at the back of the invitation so that it could be stood up.

I was very pleased with the finished invitation and have had some lovely comments back, which made it worth the effort.
Next step, cake decorating place mats and aprons ...

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