Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Chinese New Year - Year of the Snake

We went to Chinatown in London on Sunday to join in the Chinese New Year celebrations (Mr Snowballs grew up in Hong Kong so it's always been something fun to celebrate). We braved the crowds with both children and a friend and her son and for the second time ever we didn't take the pushchair into London (thank goodness - we would have struggled even more to get through the crowds when the lions were dancing outside the shops and restaurants).

We stopped for lunch at our favourite restaurant, The Friendly Inn in Chinatown; we have been going there for more years than I care to remember and have got to know the owner pretty well. Justin and Mr Snowball even got to dangle the lettuce and red envelope out of the restaurant window for the lion and Sophie and I stood in the doorway and watched the Lion dance from the front door.

On Monday Sophie wanted us to make up a Chinese game so we created a snake board dice game which both children have had lots of fun playing since.

Kung hei fat choy to you all.

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