Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas cake 2012 - baubletastic ...

I have just finished decorating my Christmas cake for this year - hooray.

As in previous years, I bought a plain fruit cake, then covered it in marzipan and white fondant icing ready for the decorating.

The theme this year is baubles. I searched the internet and pinned various ideas here. I then designed it on paper and made the various bauble shapes, leaving them to firm up before "blinging" them up with cake glitter (although this is no longer allowed to be called edible as your body doesn't digest it, it is non-toxic and only means you end up with sparkly p**!!). The glitter looks great but gets everywhere and continues to fall off every time you knock the decoration/cake, but I guess it doesn't matter as is there such a thing as too much glitter? In fact, I finished the cake off with an extra sprinkling of my favourite glitter (EdAble Art Disco Blue Violet).
I decided to be very traditional with the colour scheme and kept to red, green and gold. Initially, I was only going to do the design on the top but decided I wanted to decorate the sides too and the whole thing was finished off with a red ribbon round the board.
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