Friday, 21 December 2012

2012 Magic elves update 4

In amongst decorating my Christmas cake and making Snowmen gifts for Sophie's friends, I have also been keeping on top of the mischief and fun that our elves have been getting up to:

- they made chocolate rice krispie Christmas tree treats
 - they got into a pickle with wrapping paper and sellotape
- they had fun with our snowmen toys and got us tickets to see The Snowman in London just after Christmas - amazing! Not sure Mr Snowball was too happy though when he realised it was a ballet!
- they sent an e-mail to Father Christmas with a report on Sophie and Justin - there was still slight room for improvement in both!
- they created a game with marshmallow flumps and mini marshmallows
 - they hid in my crochet bag - it took the kiddies a little while to find them
- we found a sparkly jar of "Magic Restoring Powder" with instructions for use:
Sprinkle invisible magic powder onto elf
Give elf a big hug and kiss 
Put into the washing machine and close the door
Leave the room so the magic powder doesn’t accidentally work on you
Wait 5 minutes - you must not peek during that time
Hey Presto - your elf should be back to normal!

... and then found the elves in the washing machine. They had shrunk and the colours/clothes had all got mixed up. Sophie thought this was the funniest thing yet ...
... thankfully the Magic Powder worked and the elves were restored to their former selves. We had to follow the instructions to the letter and I was not allowed to peak before the five minute timer went off.
 - following their shrinking the elves decided they needed to cheer themselves up and went mad with chocolate and sweets ... I have never seen so many empty wrappers in once place!
 - and last night they had fun making origami water balloons and "chatterboxes" - I will have to learn how to make the water balloons as I don't know that skill yet!
I can't believe there are only three more nights before Sally and Colin head back to the North Pole with Father Christmas when he comes to visit us on Christmas Eve - it has gone so quickly.

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