Friday, 7 December 2012

2012 Magic elves update 2 ...

The elves have had lots of fun in our house this first week and are keeping the children amused with their antics:

- they decided to have a bath in front of the fire. We are not sure who took the picture in the middle of the night but the children think it must have been their new Rudolph teddy as he was nearby and had a huge smile on his face the next morning, looking very guilty ...
 - they decided to make snow angels out of dessicated coconut.
- they relaxed by watching all our Christmas DVDs with drinks and popcorn.
- they disappeared after making a huge pile (and mess) of tinsel. We couldn't find them anywhere ...

... until we spotted a hand peeping out from one of the tinsel mountains!
- and last night they had fun with our toilet rolls!
I wonder what mishief next week holds for our lovely magic elves?

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