Thursday, 5 January 2012

A little piece of Christmas past

Our Christmas decorations have all come down over the last week and the last few pieces got put into boxes on Tuesday. Our strategy is to remove a few a day so that it doesn't look too bare and sad when they are finally all gone. We also have the added incentive of Justin's birthday the day after 12th night so that encourages us to get them down earlier.

I love looking at all our tree decorations as I put them away in the box for another year. I take pleasure in the new ones we bought (we always get a couple of new ones each year) but I also love the familiarity of the old ones.

I was very pleased when my mum gave me a couple of her decorations for my tree. They were always the ones I lovingly put on when I was a little girl and it reminds me of all the wonderful Christmases I have had when I put them on my tree each year.

Little reindeer (which is in fact a Babycham deer) always nestles in the centre of the tree (her sibling still lives with my parents on their tree) and I have two tinsel bells that have the most delightful tinkle (a real fairy like tinkle) that get put on branches within reach to surprise us with their lovely sound whenever they get brushed against.

I hope when my children are all grown up they can capture a little piece of Christmas past with their own special decorations that I will lovingly hand on to them for their own trees.
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