Sunday, 22 January 2012

Flower bouquet die-cut card

When I got my Ellison Tag-a-long die-cutter (now called Sizzix Side-kick) several years ago, it came with a bouquet die-cut. This cutter looks very complicated and not for beginners and I have avoided using it ever, knowing that it would take a bit of practice to create a decent die-cut.

Anyway, I had a friend's birthday coming up and a free half an hour with both children at school/nursery so I decided to give it a go. I played with different colour combinations and cut some of the different elements out, before realising that I needed a single base to glue the individual flowers on to. I chose to cut this out in green for the flower stalks and leaves, then gradually built up the bouquet a bit at a time. I glued all of it flat except for the large yellow flower and its orange centre which I lifted off with some foam sticky pads. I added a touch of colour to the middle of the lily flowers by brushing lightly with a pink ink pad.

I decided to have the bouquet coming out of a sparkly pink square to add some more colour to the card and added sparkly pink individual flowers cut from the bouquet to the bottom of the card. It was all finished with a pink ribbon and matching bow and a happy birthday stamp that I overwrote to make the the colour stronger. I then edged the card using the pink ink pad.

Overall, I was quite pleased with the end result but it hasn't turned out to be one of my favourite cutters and I can't see myself doing it again that often.
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  1. Lovely die-cut card! This is a beautiful die-cut bridal shower card embellished with gems and glitter replicates a real bouquet with natural looking pink vellum flowers and finished with an ivory satin ribbon.

  2. Wao superb design! Really very much appreciable. The design was charming. It was not only appreciable but also sweet and lovely. The design even I made it was great to gift to anyone.
    I will definitely gift it to my friends adding up some more innovative ideas in it. Do share if you have any.