Friday, 2 December 2011

Reindeer noses

As mentioned previously, I am in love with Pinterest ... but as also mentioned, it is easy to pin a million great ideas but not so easy to actually find the time to have a go at them. So tonight I can feel proud of myself for completing my second Pinterest project.

I spotted the very cute idea of a bag of (edible) reindeer noses from A Personal Touch and had to have a go at these for Sophie to give to some of her friends this Christmas.

I bought some gobstoppers from our local retro sweet shop (Sweet Memories of Twickenham) who very kindly picked out all the red ones for me and also a couple of large bags of Maltesers. Then tonight I popped 8 brown noses and one red nose into clear bags and made some labels to go on the top.

I decided to hand draw the labels rather than try to create them on the computer. This goes against the grain of a perfectionist who likes every copy to be identical, but I am pleased with how they came out and think it suits the simpleness of the gift.  I borrowed one of Sophie's glitter gel pens to colour the nose - you can't see the sparkle of the red nose in the photo - and I stamped a few snowflakes in silver. I wanted to get the photos on here tonight so they aren't great quality - I will try and take some better ones in daylight.

Let's hope Sophie likes them ...
© 2011 Nicola Noble

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