Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Elf update 2

Our elves have been very busy getting up to all sorts of mischief. Since the last update, they have:
- hidden in a cupboard after emptying all the tins and food out
- had a race on the police car and "green sheep" - and all to play for on the last race
- dressed up as Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi and recreated the famous battle scene in our picture

- played Where's Moshi (Sophie's favourite game)
- pretended the bath was a swimming pool, complete with swimmers, goggles and toys
- propped the ironing board against the sofa, covered everything with white sheets and used a tray to toboggan down
 - had a tea party with some teddy friends, Santa and Frosty
- played We wish you a merry Christmas on the piano at Nana's house when we went for early Christmas

 - watched Christmas movies with popcorn, chocolates and lemonade
 - had a cotton wool snowball fight with one of the Santas
 - made paper snowflakes
 - played with all Justin's cars and set up a ramp for them to race down
 - made music with wooden spoons and pots and pans
 - built a huge tower out of wooden blocks under the kitchen table
 - took a balloon flight by attaching helium balloons to a basket
 - took all the presents out from under the Christmas tree
 - got the stockings out and fell in trying to put some chocolate coins in
Not long now until the big day when they make their report to Father Christmas and head back to the North Pole for a well deserved break ...

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