Sunday, 22 September 2013

Microwave popcorn for the post-school ravenous hunger

Since Justin started school last week he has had a never-ending appetite from the moment I pick him up until he falls asleep exhausted at bedtime.

It is a tricky balance to find snacks that I am happy for Sophie and Justin to have - one or two biscuits is okay, just as fruit is, but not in the quantities they would like to eat to satisfy their hunger and not ever day.

I am always on the look out for healthy but filling snacks. This week I remembered I had popping corn in the cupboard and decided to have a go at making popcorn in the microwave (since I find when I cook it in a saucepan the oil always creates a slightly burnt on layer on the bottom of the pan and is a pain to clean off!)

I used a Pyrex bowl and lid, put enough popping corn to cover the bottom and set the time for 2 minutes. It took a bit of time for the corn to start popping but it worked a treat and I took it out after the 2 minutes. Don't be tempted to leave it any longer as the popped corn burns very easily. I removed the popped corn from the bowl and put the un-popped kernels back into the microwave for another round of popping. After another 2 minutes about 90% of the corn had popped which was great.

The kids are happy eating plain popcorn so there was no need to add any salt/sugar/other flavourings and they were very happy munching away and it really did satisfy their post-school ravenous hunger without filling them up.

So I am happy to report that microwave popcorn is possible, produces a very healthy snack and provides the right amount of energy to keep them going until dinnertime. It is also a great snack for packed lunches. Success!
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