Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Making a boob of it!!

I have a friend who works as a breastfeeding counsellor at the local hospital and they recently had an open morning to advertise their department internally within the hospital.

She asked if I could help her by making some relevant cupcake toppers. I thought long and hard about what sort of topper I could make: the obvious one would be to turn each cupcake into a boobie, but as she was making the cupcakes and I was busy the day before she needed them, the decoration had to be something I could make a few days before and that she could add to the cupcakes with a swirl of buttercream.

It is a little surprising (but maybe it shouldn't be) that there are a number of boobie cupcakes out there for inspiration! In the end, I opted for a scalloped circle of white fondant with a miniature pair of breasts on the top and a little flower for decoration. The hospital has patients from a wide range of ethnicities so I coloured up white fondant in three different shades of skin tone to reflect this. It was also one of those projects that I could put aside my normally over-zealous need to be a perfectionist and embrace the imbalance of nature, allowing the boobies to be all different sizes and shapes and no two to be the same. I finished them all off with a glamorous spritz of sparkle.

I have to say is was one of the most fun cake-related things I have made, providing me and everyone who saw them with a good chuckle. And they went down very well at the open morning, even encouraging people to pop along once word of them got out!

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