Thursday, 9 August 2012

What happens when the Tooth Fairy goes on holiday?

Sophie lost her first tooth when she was just a little over 5 years old, so quite early amongst her peers. Thankfully, I was prepared and already had a cute pillow with a pink gingham pocket on the front so we popped the tooth in and waited for the tooth fairy to work her magic.

We weren't quite sure what the going rate for teeth is these days but it turns out it is £1. And Sophie must be special as the Tooth Fairy has left her a tiny note with each of the teeth.

But what happens when the Tooth Fairy goes on holiday? Surely she can't be expected to work 24x7x365? It turns out that she does have a summer holiday and the Tooth Dragon fills in for her. The Tooth Dragon is still learning it seems and a little clumsy with her flames but she did manage to take the tooth without waking Sophie ...

I wonder what will happen with the next tooth?

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