Sunday, 1 February 2015

Magic Elves 2014

So January had been and gone and I have only just managed to find the time to post the update  about our Christmas visitors.

Sally and Colin came with us to visit Father Christmas. He was very pleased to see them and asked if they had been behaving themselves (and if Sophie and Justin had been behaving themselves too!)
That night they staged an identity parade to find the imposter Father Christmas!
Colin donned his work clothes again to make some cute wooden elf gift tags.
The following night they were found hiding under a big box with another book Katie's London Christmas, to go with the other Katie in London books we have.
This was followed by Boingy and bunny being taught how to write "Elves are our friends"
I think the toy soldiers had had enough of all the naughtiness and decided to tie Sally and Colin up for trying to steal some marshmallows ...
On Christmas Eve morning, Sally and Colin were hiding behind the curtains with new nightclothes for Sophie and Justin. This has become a bit of a tradition.
Sophie and Justin said their goodbyes to Sally and Colin on Christmas Eve night and gave them extra cuddles as they went to sleep ...

... only to discover them still with us on Christmas morning! They were hiding behind the sofa with some big presents from Father Christmas (I'm sure it was them that hid it and not something FC would have done!). It seems they were allowed to stay a couple of extra days to make up for missing the first day due to the snowstorm.
Sophie and Justin really enjoyed having Sally and Colin help them open their presents and playing with them with their new toys. They stayed a few more days and then one morning, Sophie and Justin woke up to find a little thank you note and some sweeties and snow and they'd gone!
We hope to see you again next Christmas and thanks for a fun time Sally and Colin x

So here's a round-up of the elf antics this year:
1 - Telegram from Elves saying they are stuck at the airport due to a snow storm and that the should be arriving tomorrow
2 - They arrive in their felt bags with snowflakes everywhere
3 - Blank letters to write Christmas lists with a special felt envelope to post them to Father Christmas
4 - Reading The great dog bottom swap book to all the doggies in the house
5 - Playing connect 4 (big version with big elves)
6 - Playing connect 4 (mini version with mini elves)
7 - Hiding under the duvet with the Big Book of Crazy Mix-Ups
8 - Toasting marshmallows over playmobil pirate fire (mini version with mini elves); Large marshmallows on a plate with a sign Eat me
9 - Toasting marshmallows (big version with big elves)
10 - Toymaker Colin made wooden dancing elf ornaments
11 - Making snowmen from toilet rolls and hiding in the cupboard
12 - Cookie Maker Sally made Pecan & caramel plaits, followed by pretzels
13 - Elf crime - drawn on Mr & Mrs Snowballs' faces in the night
14 - Sally in her cookie outfit with a big plate of cookies for Cookie Monsters
15 - Naughty or nice list for teddies
16 - Trying to steal money from money boxes - wearing burglar masks with an envelope labelled Swag and climbing up a rope to get to them
17 - Sunbathing, wearing sunglasses, sun cream, towels, glass with straw and picture of sun
18 - Playing toss the marshmallows into the Costa Coffee Christmas cups
19 - Toymaker Colin making wooden elf gift tags
20 - Father Christmas Wanted poster and identity parade of all the Father Christmases in the house
21 - Hiding under a big box with another book Katie's London Christmas
22 - Teaching teddies - "elves are your friends" written on black/whiteboard
23 - Captured by toy soldiers and tied up
24 - Hiding behind the curtains with new nightclothes
25 - They got to stay for a few extra days as they were delayed at the start of December

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