Thursday, 19 July 2012

Honeycomb cupcakes

I am running a half marathon in October for charity Parkinsons UK and I need to raise £400 for the place. To kick start my fundraising I decided to bake and sell cakes at our annual Street Party on Saturday.

I made a delicious lemon tray bake (recipe courtesy of Mary Berry) and various cupcakes. As well as my normal "pretty" cupcakes, I also made some simple vanilla ones topped with homemade honeycomb. WOW! Overnight, the honeycomb almost melted into the vanilla buttercream and became all caramelly with a slight honeycomb crunch. Yum yum yum. It was very hard to keep the cakes for the sale!
I will definitely be doing these again and next time I might even put some honeycomb into the cupcakes and see how that turns out!

Baking and selling the cakes turned out be be harder work than I thought it would be when I came up with the brainwave but as I raised £81 it proved worth while. If you would like to sponsor me and help Parkinsons UK click here

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