Monday, 13 February 2012

Princess castle cake

My neighbour mentioned yesterday that she wants to make a princess castle cake for her daughter's birthday and I immediately lent her my cake bible (Debbie Brown 50 Easy Party Cakes) with the most gorgeous and simple castle cake in it.
I made this for Sophie's third birthday. Where Sophie's second birthday Miffy cake was a starting point for my home made/decorated cakes, this cake paved the way for the more polished and detailed cakes that I strive to make today. 

The bonus on this cake is that you use ready made swiss rolls, which can be bought from any supermarket, so the focus is totally on the decoration. This was the first time I covered the cake board and I wrapped the fondant over the edge of the board (rather than edge with ribbon, which I now think 
gives a neater finish - and is actually much easier!) 
The castle consists of three large swiss rolls and five mini jam rolls. Two of the mini rolls get a third taken off the top and that extra third gets added to two of the other rolls - this gives a range of heights for the mini towers adding extra interest to the cake. Each of the rolls (large and small) were then covered in buttercream and wrapped in white fondant. The join doesn't need to be perfect as you can arrange the towers with the seams hidden in the middle. A circle of fondant was then cut and placed on top of the rolls and the edges lightly smoothed. I cut a strip of fondant to wrap round the top of each of the larger towers and used a fork to make the indentations. 
Then the fun began ... each mini tower was topped with a pyramid of mini marshmallows in lovely pastel colours (bought from Lakeland). These were "glued" together with edible glue (CMC powder mixed with water). The white fondant was dusted with pink lustre dust to add a blush of colour and silver balls were glued around the cake like arrow slits. I used a slightly darker yellow fondant for the front door and some triangular windows. I also found a bag of fun marshmallows at our local corner shop and used these as extra decoration. Fantastically, the "stripy" shaped marshmallow made wonderful flowers when cut into slices. Silver balls were also pooled around the bottom of the castle.

Even four years on, I still love this cake, with its lovely colours and simple design.
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  1. Gorgeous and easy to make. Thanks for posting