Friday, 21 October 2011

Monkeying around

It's a friend's little boy's first birthday today and in keeping with the cake she has made, I decided to make him a monkey birthday card. I have a set of jungle die-cutters with a very cute monkey which I have made several time before. It looks very complicated, but I am always pleasantly surprised by how quick and simple it is to make.
I made it on a green card initially before deciding I didn't like it, so cut the decoration out of the card, keeping a wider green border which I then fixed onto a white card, and then added 1 today in green. I don't have any number cutters so I used an upside down lowercase L for the number 1! I finished with a touch of glitter paint.
The other animals in the jungle collection are a lion, giraffe and elephant. I have used these on other cards and embellished them with a "funky" square surround and some foliage. So cute ...

© 2011 Nicola Noble


  1. Cute cards! Cute Minnie Cake, and I'm dying to try the cookie dough balls (need to find a good conversion chart for the measurements)! How fun to find new people through comments on the blog - and thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! I think I do have something on the disney website pinned for future reference (better be NEAR future as I can feel that bday party breathing down my neck) but no idea if it's the link you showed me, which looks fantastic. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Alanya - check out my pinterest page and it's got the link to the original cookie dough recipe in cups which is what you will you I guess. Have fun with the party planning ...