Friday, 12 November 2010

Christening cake decoration

Last week on my cake decorating course we had a go at using moulds and garrett frills to create a christening cake decoration.

Firstly we coloured some fondant flesh coloured. Creating the baby from the mould was quite fiddly and it didn't help that the tutor's mould was very old and cracked but by the third or fourth attempt I had a baby I was relatively happy with. The baby was made of a front and a back and the excess fondant was cut first with scissors to the baby shape then trimmed vertically so that the front and back fitted together cleanly. The join then had to be worked which was the tricky bit as it was hard not to squish the baby's face and to get a good shape on the head. Sadly my baby had no ear but I like to think the hair covered it! The join on the body was left as this was covered with a fondant blanket.

The baby's features were then highlighted with watered-down food colouring painted on to create the eye lids/lashes, mouth and hair. The colours we used weren't quite right but it turned out okay.

We then used a garrett frill cutter to create the blanket. It's so hot in the room we do the course on that it is hard to work the fondant as it gets too soft and I managed to tear a frill I'd created so I cut it off and put the straight edge at the top of the baby and placed the other better frills onto the cake board. Using a cocktail stick the blanket was decorated with patterns of three little dots which was very simple but very effective.

Once the baby was placed on the pre-covered cake board I then added more decoration. Another skill we are learning is piping with royal icing and I had a go at bows and lily of the valley flowers. I then added pink fondant flowers with white royal icing centres.

The moulding, garrett frills and piping are all something that definitely need more practice but I was quite pleased with my first attempt. I now need to find occasion to use the skills learned. 

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