Monday, 25 October 2010

Half term fun

So it's half term and I have two craft activities planned to do with Sophie this week.

The first one is to help Sophie make some glove puppets that she has, and to create a mini theatre for her so that she can put on a show for us at the end of the week. We have managed to make two of the four puppets today and will hopefully do the other two tomorrow. That leaves us Thursday and Friday to make the theatre. I have a small box and am planning to cover it inside and out and make some sort of curtains that can be drawn across the front.

The second activity is to prepare a few things for Halloween. I have a pumpkin that I would like to carve and hopefully make something edible from the flesh (Sophie has been reading a book called Pumpkin Soup at school and has been asking me when she will get to have it so maybe that's what I'll make). I have also decided to make my own treats for the trick or treaters - I am thinking of green/red marbled mini cupcakes with gruesome icing and jelly worms coming out the top or skeleton biscuits (idea "borrowed" from a shop near us) - I have some royal icing left from last week so could use that up.

Let's see what we manage to achieve in a week ...


  1. My Mum's pumpkin soup recipe (from her Hong Kong cookbook):

    Pumpkin, chopped
    250g yellow split peas (faster if soaked beforehand)
    1 large or 2 small packets of smoky bacon

    Fry bacon, throw everything else in. Cook.

    When the peas are cooked through, throw everything into the blender.

    Its delicious and dead easy, though the lack of instructions did make me worry somewhat the first time...

    Helen Newton

  2. Thanks Helen - have abandoned the pumpkin soup idea but will keep the recipe in mind and perhaps try with butternut squash.